Assemble is a static site generator that works well with [grunt]. It’ll parse .md or other templates as a grunt task and output generated site files. It’s like [jekyll] except generic. Assemble is suited to generic arbitrary static pages for a webapp, while jekyll is great for post-oriented sites (blogs).

Each page is written in hbs (handlebars). The YAML at the top of each page can specific data for the template, such as which layout to use. It can use includes (other hbs).

Use grunt-contrib-connect for a simple local static web server

npm install grunt-contrib-connect –save-dev

add the task to Gruntfile.js register the connect task

Connect live-reload can be used ??

I don’t like the way assemble customised bootstrap. I’m going to start with a client installation

Just realised assemble uses assemble-less instead of grunt-contrib-less. Best to stick with the original.

Switch to the standard npm install grunt-contrib-less —save-dev