I was walking through my local shops recently, took a different path and stumbled upon this cafe. In a moment I knew they made good coffee.

Paradiso Espresso Bar Cafe, Neutral Bay – four grinders!

Here are the highlights:

  1. Four grinders! This means there’s several types of beans available and they care how they taste. If a barista changes the beans they need to recalibrate the grinder as each batch has a different moisture content.
  2. Single origin beans. Just like wine, they have a distinct taste for each region.
  3. They’re not using cheap supermarket milk. This is milk designed for coffee through the right combo of fat and sugar. It makes a big difference but add a lot to the cost of each cup.
  4. I don’t know what these glass drip/vacuum coffee makers are called, but you’d only buy one if you love your coffee.

Great coffee. Unfortunately the fit-out looks like the kind of place my nana would go.