Type Overnight White all-purpose flour
Bulk Ferment time 10.5 hours
Proof time 65 mins, 110 mins (over proof)
Notes Divided into two loaves. The first loaf is deliberately blonde with a thin crust so it's suitable for toast without getting too hard. Second loaf had 3 minutes longer with the lid off. Second loaf is over-proffed
Time Notes
11 September 2020 9:00pm Room temp 25.3°C
1000g all purpose flour
780g water 29.2°C
22g salt
1/4 teaspoon commercial yeast
9:00pm Start autolyse flour - 30 minutes
9:30pm Mix salt and yeast with flour water. Dough temp after mixing is 23.0°C. Mixing finished at 9:45pm. Planning 3 folds, one every 30 minutes.
10:15pm First fold
10:45pm Second fold
10:15pm Third fold
12 September 2020 6:30am After 9 hours of bulk fermentation it's does not look ready yet (which is expected)
8:00am 10.5 hours bulk fermentation. It's still not as active is I’d expect. Air temp is 23.0c. Even though it seems early to end the bulk I’ll try it and let it proof longer. Oven set to 500°F Divide, shape, proof.
8:25am Proof start - finger dent shows it's tight
9:30am Bake first loaf. Finger indent shows nice spring back. Thermometer in oven shows 465°F.
10:00am Lid off dutch oven
10:10am Baking done
10:15am Bake second loaf. Finger indent shows it's tight - does not spring back. Over-proofed.
10:45am Lid off dutch oven.
10:58am Baking done - 3 minutes longer than first loaf.