Type Overnight White all-purpose flour
Bulk Ferment time 12.5 hours
Proof time 50 mins (over proofed), 95 mins including refrigeration (over proofed)
Notes Divided into two loaves. The first loaf is deliberately blonde with a thin crust so it's suitable for toast without getting too hard. Second loaf had 3 minutes longer with the lid off. Second loaf is over-proffed
Time Notes
30 August 2020 6:00pm Room temp 25.3°C
1000g all purpose flour
780g-ish water 34°C because I’m going to let it autolyse for longer than normal
22g salt
1/4 teaspoon commercial yeast
6:10pm Start autolyse flour - I tried to use the mixer to mix for autolyse but messed it up. I exceeded max weight of the scale so couldn’t measure water weight (I hoped to tare bowl plus 1000g flour plus 780g water which was too high for the scale)
8:00pm Mix salt and yeast with flour water. This is a long time. Dough feels really tight.
8:30pm First fold
9:00pm Second fold
9:30pm Third fold
13 September 2020 8:37am After 12:37 hours of bulk fermentation. Divide and shape. Feels good. Oven on set to 500F
8:50pm Start proof. I don’t think it needs more than 45 mins. Room temp 22.7
9:40am Finger indent shows it barely springs back - over proofed at 50 minutes. Bake first loaf. Second loaf already over proof. Put it in fridge.
10:15am Lid off dutch oven
10:20am Baking done
10:25am Bake second loaf. Finger indent shows it's tight - does not spring back. Over-proofed.
10:55am Lid off dutch oven.
11:05am Baking done.