Air 28 - hot day, it’s 38 outside
1000g white flour
780g water 32.1c
6:20pm autolyse
7pm mix
7:10 mix done.
Dough has lots of lumps.. it was quite dry on top. Room too hot? Dough temp is 29.8c. Hot hot.

7:55pm first fold. Already has bubbles. It’s hot.
8:25pm second fold
8:45pm third fold
4:50am woke to a thunderstorm. Put in fridge. It’s huge
8:10am divide? Not sure if I should do this while it’s cold. Air temp 27.5c
Divided into two and shape. This time I was rough shaping, including folding over a little and pacing on the seam
8:20 proof. Two loaves..
9am bake first loaf
Thermometer reads 450F
9:30 lid off,
9:38 out. It hasn’t risen as much as normal.
9:40 loaf 2 in. It feels bad too.
10:05 lid off after 25 mins
10:13 out.