6:25pm sat
Air temp25.6
1000g flour
780g Water 31.6 degrees
6:40pm mixed and starting autolysr
7:19 mix
7:29 rise. Dough temp is 28.3 - warm
8:00 first fold
9:00 second fold
9:30 third fold (2 hours in is quite late). Feels great.
8:08 divide
14:14 and 8:19 shape and start proofing
Room is 23.4c. It’ll proof fast.
Turning oven on to 500F
Will check them in 45 mins.
Oven themometeter says 450
Sprint test is good, I think it’s a good time now
9:04 Bake first loaf
Second loaf transfer to banneton. I need a second banneton
Putting it in the fridge to slow down proofing now
9:34 30 mins of baking with the lid on.
Will just do 10 mins with it off.
9:44 out of oven
9:46 second loaf in oven