Type Overnight White all-purpose flour
Bulk Ferment time 11 hours
Proof time 50 minutes
Notes Divided into two loaves. The first loaf is deliberately blonde with a thin crust so it's suitable for toast without getting too hard. It's good. The second remained longer in the dutch oven with the lid off to create a harder (and tastier) crust, mainly because I planned to store for a few days before eating which softens the crust. First loaf is really light. Second load is long over-proofed and dense.
Time Notes
4 July 2020 8:30pm Room temp 25.9°C
1000g all purpose flour
780g water 33.7°C
22g salt
1/4 teaspoon commercial yeast
8:39pm Start autolyse flour (long duration today, busy)
9:25pm Mix salt and yeast with flour water
9:32pm Finished mix, transferred to clean bowl
Dough temp 27.9°C
Room temp 25.6°C - It's warm
I forgot to fold during the night, so this dough has zero folds.
5 July 2020 10:27amDivide in half - two full loaves
I forgot to fold during the night, so this dough has zero folds.
Room temp 24.2°C
Dough is very soft, lots of gas. Feels like there's no height/structure compared to when it's been folded
Shape. Gentle with first, rougher with second.
10:39am Proofing - one in the banneton, one back in the bowl covered in plastic
10:43am Oven on with dutch oven. Proofing will be fast as the room is warm
Oven set 500F which should bring real temp to ~475F based on last two runs
11:25am Oven thermometer reads 460F
Finger test didn’t spring all the way back, dough is over-proofed
11:30am Begin baking first loaf.
Thermometer reads 475F
12:00pm Dutch oven lid off.
12:05pm Lid off - Making this one a fast one. Want a soft crust and hungry.
Onto cooling rack. Comes out easy. Base is still a little dark. Top is blonde
12:08pm Loaf #2 looks pretty bad. Finger test shows loaf #2 is way over-proofed (1h 20 mins). It has low spring back. It's going to be dense. Load #2 into the Dutch oven.
12:38pm lid off the Dutch oven
12:48pm out of oven onto cooling rack