Room temp 25.2c

1000g flour
Water 33.1c 780g
20:30 autolyse
21:02 mix
21:10 mix done.
Dough temp 28.1/82.9 (warm)- room is 23.8c

12:10am first fold - room is 24c - had risen a lot
9:10am Room is 23.7
9:20 first done
10:10 bake prep
Top is sticky -added flour
Springs back fast
10:17 bake. Oven was 500 dropped to 475 opening. Reduced setting to 500. Seems to be about 460
10:48 giving it extra time with lid on. Don’t want crust too thick
10:52 lid off
11:02 out of oven. This is early