Jeromy Evans

I've has been coding and hacking technology all my life. I'm an engineer and tinkerer, with a good dose of business experience and cheerful communication.

I've helped build technology startups since 2005. I focus on SaaS/cloud products with a background in complex systems and integration.

I try to operate lean and agile, code in Javascript, Java and Objective-C (and dabble in others), speak both technology and MBA babble, stay hands-on and lead by example.

Jeromy started his career in Western Australia designing systems for submarines. He helped the research & team turn ideas into real software and hardware. After a few years, he became the systems architect for the $450M upgrade of the combat system for the Collins Class Submarines, frequently bridging Australian and US organizations to integrate technology.

Jeromy founded his first business in 2005 to apply integration techniques learned in modern submarine systems to new enterprise software projects. He also worked to commercialise an investment property search engine that discovered opportunities by their forecast cashflow, working with industry specialists to aggregate the required data.

In 2007 Jeromy helped start, a SaaS HR platform used by some of Australia’s largest businesses and thousands of it’s smallest. He was the first software architect, first front-end developer first back-end developer, first implementation consultant, first support team, board-member and COO, helping grow the business from just 3 to 16 employees. Jeromy was there when the first line of code was written and first pixel placed, through the roller-coaster helping the B2B start-up successfully achieve product-market fit and growth.

In 2015 Jeromy moved to the US to join a new ambitious opportunity.

Jeromy is passionate about entrepreneurship, lean practices, and disruptive technology. He’s always loved complex systems and technology, especially at the intersection between software and the physical world, people and software. Jeromy also mentors start-up founders and business leaders, graduated with an MBA in 2014, has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and coached tennis.

He never stops learning, listening, tinkering and challenging himself.

See also the very long bio.

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photo from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, 2007